Customer Reviews

No After Taste!

Ms dixie k

When I read that 1 drop equals 1 tsp, I thought, Ok, I'll start with 2 drops in my coffee and then go from there to see how many drops I'll actually need. I put in 2 drops, added my creamer and tasted it. I was amazed!! I didn't need to put any more drops in it. It tastes just like sugar and NO nasty after taste like most of the artificial sweetners. About the only thing I use sugar for is to sweeten my coffee. I just opened my 2nd 2 ounce bottle. The first bottle lasted 5 months. That is NO Exageration!! They state that 1 (2 oz) bottle is equal to 10 lbs of sugar. I have NO doubts about that now. I started using this since I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. Now I'm happy that I found a great substitute to white granular sugar and so is my doctor. I have since ordered more because this is one product I do not want to run out of! Love it!!


Lasts Forever

M Jones (San Francisco, CA USA)

I use this for my coffee and tea and one bottle lasts 6-7 months. I have about 2 cups of coffee and one cup of tea per day. Taste is pretty good.


Low-carb lifesaver!

Brigitte Hoch (San Luis Obispo, CA)

For those on a low-carb or Keto diet, you know how difficult it is to have normal sweets. Having a huge sweet tooth myself, I cannot say how great this product discovery has been. EZ-Sweetz is a great subsitute when making your own baked goods. They put a handy chart on the item box to help you know how much to use in subsitution of regular sugar.

Be careful, though; this stuff works good! If you're trying to sweeten to taste, put only a little at a time. Otherwise, enjoy!


My quality of life just got better

Stopher (Pennsylvania, USA)

Prior to placing my order, I was skeptical about the claimed sweetness of the product. In the past, I've tried other liquid sweeteners that claimed just a few drops were equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar, but I have always been greatly disappointed. From a consumer perspective the level of sweetness is based on taste and not measurement of chemical concentrations in the product. I'm happy to say that EZ-Sweetz delivers exactly as promised. Both my wife and I are amazed at how sweet just two drops can make a cup of coffee.

This product is important to me because I'm on a restricted diet that very tightly controls carbohydrate intake (15 - 20 grams a day maximum). Each of the packages of Sucralose (usually the Splenda brand) contains nearly one gram of carbohydrates due to the bulking agents that are added to make the product more like sugar. If I had 5 cups of coffee and/or tea during the day, I would waste 1/4 to 1/3 of my allowed consumption. I started drinking my coffee unsweetened, but I really don't enjoy it that way. Since the EZ-Sweetz product has no carbohydrates, I'm able to go back to actually enjoying my coffee.

Anybody who is on a carbohydrate restricted diet will understand how wonderful it is to be able to use sweeteners again.


So much easier than using packets!

Relentlessly Geeky (Northern Illinois)

I hate dealing with those little packets of splenda. This is much easier than having to rip open a bunch of the packets to make a pitcher of lemonade or even to just sweeten my coffee. I've not experienced any problems with the bottle tip clogging.


EZ Sweetz

Johanna M. Weber (Ravenna, OH United States)

EZ Sweetz is a great product! I love it in my daily cups of tea! It is easy to take with me in my purse. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to avoid sugar!


Tastes great and no effect on blood sugar!!!

A. Ferrol (St. Pete Beach)

I bought this product and hoped the taste was not horrible. When I put a few drops in my tea. I couldn't believe what I was actually taste like sugar! I am so happy I found this product. I also baked muffins using EZ-Sweetz and they turned out great. I am going to buy the smaller sizes to carry with me.

Very happy customer!!


Lasts a long time, and tastes great.

Dellynn (OR,USA)

I just ordered a second bottle, more then a year after ordering my last one.....and still have some left in my first bottle. That is after a year of using it in in my tea and coffee, so it really lasts a long time, as well as has the benefit of not having the extra calories and carbs that the powder version has.

I am VERY picky about artificial sweeteners, and for me this is the closest taste to sugar, without leaving funny after tastes in my mouth.


 Love it.

Robert L. Griese

First off, I am on a ketogenic diet. I have been wanting to get away from all the maltodextrin bulked sweeteners for some time now. I absolutely love EZ-Sweetz. I use it with my morning coffee, as well as to sweeten up any low carb sauces I might be making. This one bottle will last a long, long time!


 EZ sweetz

Samira Motaghedi (San Diego, CA)

I read the reviews before purchasing this item and its true its not as sweet as the company claims. One drop doesn't equal one packet of splendia regardless of which size you buy. It takes two drops to equal one packet even when you use the tiny size bottles.

 But I don't care!!!! It's awesome. NO CARBS!! I use it in my ice cream maker, in my coffee, cooking etc. I love this product and the price too. Plus, if you go to their Facebook page they have a 30% coupon which I used.


Whoa! That's Sweet


When they said one drop was equal to a whole packet of splenda, I didn't believe it, until I tried it. Turns out it's super sweet with very little aftertaste. Super tasty, and excellent for a keto diet! Yum!


Easy to carry liquid sweetener,

Krista Fouquette (Twin Cities, MN)

EZ-Sweetz is perfect to carry with you - sweetens iced tea, hot coffee. No aftertaste and no "graininess" that you might get from powder packets. Close tightly to prevent build up around the lid.


Super Product!


So easy and quick to use. I love it for hot and cold tea. The amount stated to sweeten is really not correct, it takes more, but still, just a little bit will do the trick.


Great taste, super easy to use


This sweetener tastes great, and is far easier to use than the packets. Mix with some erythritol and you've got a good sugar substitute for taste and texture (though a bit more grainy). Highly recommend.


Good sweetener

Sleepless (Anoka, MN)

Living low carb. I have used Sweetzfree for years but I was ready to try something else just because shipping used to take so long.
The price for this is compatible, the taste and concentration is similar and I think I prefer this smaller dropper to the 1 oz Sweetzfree dropper. Extra portable and I think the drop size is easier to control with the small Ez-Sweet, so I never get too much sweetness by accident. Like it!


Good for baking

Christie L. Craven (Odenton, MD United States)

I'm a low carber and Stevia is normally my "drug of choice" but many of the baking type recipes I've been running across called for either Splenda or the equivalent of liquid Splenda (which is what Ez-Sweet is). Powdered Splenda still has some carbs due to the fillers they put in it, but the liquid form doesn't so that's where this stuff comes in. I've used it several times in baking type recipes and had good results. There is a conversion chart on the bottle that tells you what the equivalents are.. for example, two drops of this stuff is equal to two tablespoons of sugar and 1 tsp is equal to two cups of sugar. As you can see, a little goes a long way so I feel like I will get plenty of use out of this!


Absolutely love this stuff!!!

G. Kinsey (Brookland, AR)

I can't say enough good things about this product. I'm on a very low carb eating plan and the carbs in the Splenda packets can really add up. The stuff they add to it to make it powdery adds about 1 carb per packet. But with the liquid version you don't have any of the carbs. I don't taste any kind of bitter aftertaste either. I had some in my coffee today and it tasted like I had real sugar in it. I use it to cook with for any recipe that calls for sugar or Splenda.


Amazing tool for the low carb diet.

M. T. Hunter (NC USA)

Liquid sucralose is so much better to use for sweetening than packets of splenda. With no bulking agent or anything added, there are no hidden carbs (1 cup of granula splenda has something around 26g carbs I believe?). I put 2 or 3 drops of this into a big glass of unsweetened almond milk, and it tastes AMAZING. This is especially good for me (when not low carbing) because something about regular milk doesn't agree with me and makes me retch, gag, and almost vomit. Even if you aren't low carbing / aren't diabetic... it'll always be good to cut some of the sugar out of your diet ;)


Great Product

Robert Hughes (TN)

Started using this form of splenda since it does not contain any form of fructose or sugar. Since using this my triglycerides have decreased. Easy to control amount of sweetness since each drop is equal to a teaspoon of sugar


Zero Carb Sweetener

P. May (Columbus OH USA)

Love this stuff! Just received my second order, and got two bottles this time. It's very concentrated, one drop equals one teaspoon. It's basically liquid Splenda. I've used it for cooking, and use it in my coffee every day. The packets have carbs, but the liquid form has no carbs.


 Excellent artificial sweetener

 Ty Holland "Ty" (Los Angeles, CA)

I've just about finished with the first bottle, and it has been excellent. I primarily use this as a sweetener for iced tea, and it tastes much better than equal (aspartame) to me. I've yet to try sweeteners like stevia, but so far, this is at the top of my list. Compared to splenda packets, this liquid form of sucralose does seem to mix faster and better based on my observations. I like the fact that this form is more concentrated than the granulated form since I prefer my drinks sweeter than average. And the key perk, since this is virtually zero carbs, there is no penalty for going with a bit extra.




Great product & good price. Have tried before so, when I bought knew exactly what was ordering. The surprised was the price, expected higher. This little tube lasts months


 Best Non-Sugar Sweetener

solarpluvia (Olympia, WA USA)

I have been following a low carb diet for several months now, and have been looking for the best alternative to sugar. This is it. Regular splenda has maltodexitrin in it, which not only adds 24 grams of carbs per cup, but also tastes very bad to me. EZSweetz doesn't have this useless bulking ingredient and has a much better taste. Sugar alcohols just aren't as versatile or well tolerated everyone and every other artificial sweetener has funny aftertastes or usage limitations. The only issue with sucralose is that it won't sweeten chocolate well itself.

I like this version, the 1 drop to 1 teaspoon because it affords more accuracy when baking.


Just right

 robb quick "mia" (Pennsylvania)

 I have been following the Atkins diet on and off for many years. I have used Equal and Splenda and stevia to sweeten my hot and cold drinks, but I have been hesitant to use these powdered sweeteners when baking. I decided to make a low carb ricotta cheesecake combining 2 diffent recipes that I found on line. Both suggested Splenda in it's powdered form which adds more carbs. I read the reviews before purchase and am very happy that I did. I used EZ-Sweetz liquid in my Orange zest ricotta cheesecake. Fabulous. It is sweet, but not too sweet, and has no nasty aftertaste. I definitely will be buying this product again and again.


 Love this sweetener! Better than Splenda and liquid too!

 Nancy Nurse

 I found a great substitute for Splenda! No after taste. Two drop has the sweetening power of 2 packets of Splenda or Sweet N Low. It lasts a looooong time too!

 Definitely worth the $$.


Finally Ready to Order More!


 It took me a while, but I did it. I finally decimated my bottle of EZ-Sweetz. It lasted forever with light to moderate use. I use this in everything. It's great for the discerning low-carber or calorie watcher alike. I personally think it tastes awesome in Kool-Aid. Try it! I'll be placing my second order in the near future!


No carbs whatsoever


BRYAN G SIMMONS "Bobo Bonobo" (St. Louis, MO, USA)

 I'll never buy those packets again. They contain glucose and maltodextrin. This liquid measures easily and is completely calorie free.


Lasts Forever, Tastes Just Like Splenda

 Tim (Little Rock, AR)

 I usually put 3 packets of Splenda in my coffee each morning - a larger cup that holds probably closer to two mugs worth. Anyway, 2 drops of this equals 1 packet, so I use 6 drops per day. I'm telling you, it lasts forEVER. I was almost scared off the price tag, but when you break it down, it's a great deal. Plus, the taste is what you would expect from Splenda, but no residue to worry about. The little bottle takes up no room compared to storing a box of Splenda packets in my desk. I highly recommend you give this a try - you will be glad you did. And yeah, I'm that guy that buys a million things on and never leaves a review, so I took the time on this. So...there you go.


No after taste

 Hala, Egypt

 This sweetner tastes just like sugar and leaves no after taste. The bottle is a good size to carry in my bag and will last me (5 drops with coffee twice/day) for 3 months.


Great value

 W. Malone (Alexandria, VA)

 This product is so much better then messing with packets of Splenda. It's also a great value. One bottle has lasted me about a year!

In addition, if you regularly use sucralose in baking, using the drops is 100 times easier than other options.




 I've been using this product now for over 7 months. Its basically splenda without the maltodextrin. zero carbs. 6 drops in my coffee is all it takes to reach the perfect amount of sweetness. I used to use of 8 packets of sugar to get the same sweetness. One bottle lasts for months. I've lost 45 lbs cutting out the sugar from my diet! Get this - its worth the price!!


Very good

 Drifting gently

 It usually takes me a long time to get used to the taste of new sweeteners, but transferring from Splenda to EZ-Sweetz really didn't feel like there was any difference. 3 tiny drops is perfect for my cup of coffee. Tastes good, not overly sweet and that's close to 300 cups of coffee for $13. Can't beat it.




 Tastes good and NO CARBS!!!!!I ordered 2 bottles since I had not tried this product before. Next time I will order atleast 3.


I love it

 An old lady "oldie" (Marietta GA)

 I first bought ez-sweetz to use when mixing my own nicotine liquid for use in e-cigarettes. It was recommended to me for that purpose as it keeps its sweetness even when vaporized, and works great for that.Even though I am overweight I had refused given up on using artificial sweeteners in my sweet tea, which I drink at least a quart a day, because before I could always taste the difference, but, since I had it on hand, I did give it a try and could not taste any difference between ez-sweetz and sugar in tea, thus I rate it 5 stars.






Great Product

Jean Ran

 I love this product and carry a small bottle in my purse. I use this larger size at home.




This is a great alternative to sugar for those of us that can't have real sugar. I use EZsweet in my coffee everyday and have also baked with it. This will be one of the items I order monthly!!!


Great stuff


 I am really glad that i found this product. our household watches carbs very closely and this makes it even easier. my only wish is that it could be on auto ship, but that isnt offered.


Great taste...,

TexasImplant (Texas)

 This has the "squeeze-a-drop" top, which is better than others I've tried that just squirt. With these you have to use a spoon to measure. It taste good with no bitter or overly sweet taste.


Good Stuff,


Doing the Low carb thing - kind of stalled so looked at this to help with that (refuse to drink plain water!). AMAZING how the tiniest little drop in my great big travel mug makes it super sweet! Watch out - you will learn you don't need nearly as much as you might think! I bought both this and the smaller bottles (that have more sweet per drop)... using both for different applications - this one is best when I want less sweet since 1 drop is less intense than with the higher concentration. so, with this I can go 3 drops (when I want it pretty sweet) which would equal about 1.5 drops from the smaller stronger stuff. I'll never no back to sweetner with fillers!


 So Glad I Found This Product,

 J. H. Schreiber "furbrain" (San Diego)

 I really like this product. It is easy to use and doesn't add carbs to my food. I find that I have to use a little more of this than the equivilant says, but it's not a big deal.I will definately be reordering more when this one is gone. I use it mostly in my tea, but I have made baked custard with it and it came out fine.



 OleMissRebel1 (Mississippi)

 I would recommend this to anyone wanting a low-carb sweetner. You don't have to use that much and there is no bitter after taste.


Ah... my new best friend!

 Erin.W "domestic-bliss" (Michigan, USA)

 I am changing my diet to one that is low carb, unfortunately I love sweets. The little yellow packets of sweetner have added bulking agents that up my carb count, and I use way too many of them in my drinks to stay within my carb limit. Enter EZ-Sweetz: it's so convenient, will last forever, and works in all types of recipes- baked goods, drinks, frozen desserts....

 I will definitely order this again, and will probably order the travel bottles for use in restaurants. I highly recommend this product for those who need to cut back on sugar but still want some sweetness in their life.


Great product, great price


 We bought a similar size (.5 oz) of this product before purchasing this one.. and loved it. We bought this one because it's a better price for the size.



Justin H. Bentley "weeji" (Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA)

 This is the best and fastest possible way to put Sucralose (Splenda) into drinks. I also tried Splenda Minis, but counting those out is a bit of a hassle.


 Great deal and taste

G. Granger (San Clemente, CA)

If you are looking to cut out carbs or just calories, forget about Splenda - it still has 128g / cup from maltodextrin (sugar) filler! "Liquid Splenda" is the way to go. I use this in everything. If you are using this to sweeten drinks, it will practically last forever as all it takes is 1 or 2 drops. This is enough to make many batches of muffins, cakes, brownies, etc that would normally require a few cups of sugar. Sucralose is 600x sweeter than sugar so 24 drops is roughly equivalent to 1 cup, making this little 2oz dropper equivalent to about 3 x 5lb bags of sugar. Impressive stuff.




 This is a great product. Unlike some competitive products, it doesn't get clogged or crusty. The only thing that could be better is that it takes a lot of effort to squeeze out a drop, so I end up pushing a safety pin through the nozzle to open it up more. Otherwise it tastes great and is way better than using splenda powder.


Great alternative to Healthy Cheats

 Rohan D. Bhansali (NY)

 I used to use Healthy Cheats liquid sucralose - the one that came with an eye dropper. I thought that was fantastic in coffee and cooking but it seems to have been discontinued. As an alternative, I tried Sweetzfree but I found it too concentrated and I had a hard time getting the correct amount out of the small bottle. I have using the EZ-Sweetz for 2 months and it's been perfect. The drops come out slowly enough to be precise, the nozzle doesn't clog, and it's not so concentrated as to oversweeten everything with a single drop. It works well in drinks as well as cooking. I will update this review once I try it in baking.


 Excellent Product - Only 1/2 as Sweet as 0.5-oz Bottles, Though!


 I love this product, but wanted to point out that this 2-oz bottle is diluted in strength compared to the 0.5-oz bottles. Yes it's very sweet, but not as sweet as the smaller bottles (which I do not understand).

 Look at the smaller bottles - it will tell you that 1 drop = 1 tsp sugar. On this larger bottle, it shows that 2 drops = 1 tsp sugar. SO, just be aware that if you're used to the small bottles, you'll have to use twice as much if you buy this one.

 As far as price, you are paying exactly the same amount PER SERVING (at the time of this review anyway), so that is not an issue (i.e., one drop from the small bottle is the same price as 2 drops from the larger bottle).

 side from this confusion, this is an EXCELLENT product and I use it all the time. I make iced tea with this product and people think it's real sugar. I have also used it in recipes calling for Splenda. Remember, Splenda is cut with carbohydrates but this product has ZERO carbs even in large amounts.


Great stuff!


 This works wonderfully in sweet tea and other foods that don't need bulk from sugar. I was using quite a bit of Splenda each week in tea, and since we have started Atkins we were unhappy with the carbs that the filler was we normally drink a LOT of tea. With the liquid sucralose we can have lots of tea again and still lose weight.


 The best option out there at the moment

Audiographer (Connecticut, USA)

Tastes fantastic and 0 carbs/0 cals, recommended Dr. Atkins himself if that's your bag. Healthier than Aspartame and of course Saccharine. A much better alternative to the packets of "Splenda", because the packets contain maltodextrin or other fillers that add up to about 1g carbs per 2 packets. I like sweet beverages, so using packets really adds up after a while. The taste of sucralose is very *similar* to sugar-sweetened drinks, but there's still a little difference. It might be all in my head, and it's certainly not anything to worry about.

 One small negative I noticed is that I think they overestimate the sweetening power a little bit. I love the big $1 unsweetened teas from a very popular fast food franchise (just about the only thing I can get away with without guilt on their menu :P ), and I used to use 3 packs of Splenda in them to get a perfect amount of sweetness for me. According to this bottle, that should equal 6 drops of EZ-Sweetz, but it actually takes about 10 to give the same sweetness. Not really a big deal.

 I'm personally a big fan of Stevia, but it's a relatively under-researched food product. Sometimes synthetic products (Sucralose) are actually better in this regard because you tend to know exactly what it is and isn't. Stevia is all-natural and, while it tastes fantastic and has been used naturally for thousands of years in many parts of the world, I would prefer more modern scientific study on it before making a life commitment to it, especially if there's a better alternative currently out there. This is it!


Great Product!


I love this product and highly recommed it to anyone looking for a great no-calorie sweetner. A little bit goes a long way, so this product lasts a really long time and it tastes great! I use it mostly for a sweetner for my coffee; however, I have also cooked with it and love it!


Excellent product

Dr. Joel Levy "JL" (NYC)

Very good 0 carb sweetener.Great product.Also is really 0 carbs unlike the phoney no carb and one carb Breads being sold that are raising peoples blood sugars to pluto.


EZ Sweetz

MLindaG "Linda" (PA)

EZ Sweetz is exactly as it says. A liquid splenda sweetener which works well in low carb baked goods. I've used it often and it is really nice.


Zero Carbs

Nancy USA

If you need to watch carbs, this product is great. This is one of the only zero carb sweeteners available (packets of Splenda and Truvia contain carbs).

 Lasts a long time as one drop is equal to one packet of sweetener. This product can't be found in stores, so you need to buy it online.


Great sweetner with no carbs!

WindDrop (Poconos, PA)

This is a great sweetener and a generic version of liquid splenda. Contains 800 drops. With 1 drop equaling a tsp and 2 drops equaling a packet of splenda. The bottle was pleasantly bigger than I expected. After purchasing it last week, bought another one this week to keep at work. Zero carbs so you don't have to waste any carbs on artificial sweeteners. Doesn't have a bad after tase.

Would recommend to anyone who uses sweeteners.


Economical and no maltodextrose

M. Deese (Georgia, USA)

I bought this product a couple of months ago to try out. I am on a low carb diet so I was looking for additional ways of cutting back on unnecessary carbs and additives. This fits the bill nicely. It is easy to use and is very portable for people on the go. Even better, its more economical than the packets and doesn't have maltodextrose in it. I definitely would recommend this product.


Good Taste and Usually Good Portion Control

Mr. Roy B. Mccammon

Good Taste and Good Portion Control


Excellent product for low carb dieters

K. Calvelli

A few drops go a long way with this product, this has been an excellent item for sweetening desserts, tea and drinks without the additives of powder Splenda. This product has no after taste and is great if you are low carb dieting.



NycSAN (New York, NY)

EZ-Sweetz is a life saver. I use it in EVERYTHING -- never touch Splenda anymore. Perfect for fasting days to sweeten my black coffee without any calories from the fillers in Splenda. Perfect for a keto diet (a pint of heavy cream, a tsp of bourbon vanilla, and 16 drops of EZ-Sweetz in a WhipIt, and amaze your friends squirting endless sugar free whipped cream in your mouth and screaming I'M DIETING! It's delightfully annoying).


Best on the market

 Sunshine3215 (hawaii)

 This is my first time trying thie item. I tried splenda which is good but each dry packet is 1 carb. I'm on a low carb diet so I was using all my carbs via a two cups of coffee cause I like my coffee sweet. Then I tried liquid Stevia and it has an after taste. At first I thought it was okay but after say 4 drops it gives a sour taste. THen I was on lowcarb and read the reviews about this item and thank GOODNESS. This has no after taste!! NONE....I added 10 drops to a cup of coffee and no after taste. I will have to buy this forever. I bought two packs and I am so pleased. I am so thankful for because this item is not in my area. But I want to restate - this item has no after taste. IT IS PERFECT!!!


 Better than the larger version

 jimjohnson (cali)

 ...because it is more potent. i dont know why they dont make the larger version with the same concentration of sweetness. takes twice as many drops with the big bottle--the dispenser is has a better design on the tiny bottles too. sweetens nicely. i will admit that it does have a slight aftertaste, but i think it is less noticeable than splendas. fun to use with flavored, unsweetened, sparkling water. a lot easier and cleaner than splenda in powdered form. stuff is great!


Great and efficient sweetener


 I really like this product and have been using it for the last three months. I don't feel any after-taste, it is as sweet as sugar. Very convenient to carry around. I just bought another pack. One problem I've noticed - if the tip is not cleaned well after use, a slightly unpleasant smell may develop.


Good Stuff

 Jason Drury "dru145" (United States)

 I agree with all of the other positive reviews. If you like Splenda, you will love this stuff and a small bottle goes a LONG way (good thing since these are not cheap). We use it for all of our sweetening needs and I credit it for being a big part of helping me lose 15lbs without having to give up sweets (which I LOVE).


 LOVE this product!


 No more mixing packets into cold drinks and seeing it settle in the bottom! I use EZ sweets in hot, cold drinks, and cooking and baking. This product earns it's high rating!!! Look at per serving price vs. Splenda packets.


BEST sugar substitute there is!

Nancy Nurse

I have tried every sugar substitute there is and this is FAR the best. No after taste, and because it is in a liquid form there is no unwanted carbs found in the powdered form. For a large thermal mug of coffee that I would normally sweeten with 2 packets of Splenda, just 2 drops does the trick.

 A little goes a very long way.

 I have a friend who uses a minimum of 20 packets of Splenda a day. He tried EZ-Sweetz and it is now all he uses.

 I carry a bottle with me when I travel and feel good knowing I am cutting carbs and calories and not sacrificing taste.

Give it a try, and I promise, it will not let you down. It is a great value too!


Amazing. How have people never heard of this?

 J. Wadkins (Portland, OR United States)

 I have never seen this product in any store, and it's a shame. It's absolutely amazing. It does just what it says... makes things sweeter with just a drop or two. I make a cup of unsweetened tea and one or two drops is as effective as a packet of Splenda. I look for creative ways to use this to lower our calories, like when I make pancakes. It's really amazing stuff, how has no one heard of it and why isn't it sold in groceries??


Can't live without it! Love, Love, Love it!!!!!


 I've tried a bunch of liquid sucrulose brands as I love iced coffee and tea and it's a pain getting packets of powder to dissolve. The sizes are perfect (I have different ones for different places) and it only takes 1-3 drops to make *anything* taste sweet as candy.

 I use it in smoothies, yogurt, whipped cream and pretty much anything I'd use sugar for normally. No weird aftertaste.

 No idea why these guys haven't gotten themselves on the shelves of every major supermarket and on the counter at the big chain coffee shops.


E-Z Sweetz

 Tena Macha (MIDLAND, TX, US)

 Arrived on time, earlier than expected. Costs less than same # servings in the packets. Convenient to take with you. Have ordered 3 times, will order again.


Tastes Great

 Linda Dale (Sun Lakes, AZ USA)

 We started using this to sweeten our iced tea. No need to wait for it to dissolve like the tablets and truly zero calories and carbs, unlike the packets. We even started using it in our baking. Works great and tastes good as well, no aftertaste. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.


No carbs, loving my Ketostix!

 C. Lindsey (Texas) (VINE VOICE)  

 I can tell such a difference in the performance of a low carb diet when using this product instead of powdered packet sweeteners! Using Ketostix, I get a much faster, darker purple result, and return to purple quicker after deviating from low carb, when I used these drops instead of blue or pink packets. I love my coffee and tea to be sweeeet, and several packets of sweeteners add several carbs per cup/glass. Also, I keep a bottle in my makeup bag, and always have good sweetener with me when all the restaurants have is the pink stuff. I like to mix sweeteners, and wish this type was available with aspartame, but I haven't been able to find it here. Of course, saccharin drops have been around for decades, and are readily available in stores. This is a great product, and I'm glad to have found it. I use it in my coffee, tea, and almond milk.


This is some good stuff !!

 W. Driscoll

 I have been using this product for about a week or so and it's great. I put in 2 drops in my unsweetened tea and it's sweet. I personally think it taste just like sugar with no aftertaste. I also sweeten my cereal with it and it works fine. I have used it in homemade whipped cream and it tasted very good. I haven't tried any other brands other than Spenda. The product also mixes very well with liquid. I don't even have to stir it in my tea if I put the drops in first and then pour.


Just What I've Been Looking For!

 G. Greenberg (Northern IL United States)

 I love this stuff! A small box that has the same sweetness as 1350 Splenda packets? How can you beat that? I can't eat much sugar, but I still get a sweet tooth sometimes. Sure, I could buy a bulk box of Splenda packets, but why? This liquid sweetener works just as well without taking up a lot of space. As a bonus, I don't feel like I'm harming the environment throwing away hundreds of empty paper packets. Each box has three small bottles (each one about the size of an eye drop bottle). The product description is right on. One drop is about the sweetness of one packet. I'll definitely be using this from now on. Packets, we had a nice run, but it's time for us to part ways.


Convenient Sweetness!

S. Randall (Houghton Lake, MI USA)

 EZ-Sweetz (2oz - Liquid Sweetener 800 Servings/Bottle)This is wonderful, easy, carb-free, and convenient! I use it in my tea, in baking, in cooking, and for every single sweetening need I have. No maltitol fillers that add carbs (as powdered or granulated sweeteners need to do), and just one drop gives the sweetness of 2 tsp of sugar. GREAT stuff, never am without it!


Tasty and convenient

 Beagulz "Beagulz" (Oregon)

 Love this easy product. No carb splenda substitute. I keep one in my purse and one in the kitchen. I've been using it for years. No aftertaste whatsoever.


Good things come in small packages

 Caressa Santella (Norwalk, CT USA)

 Very good option for sweetening my coffee, have one in my purse at all times. No carbs versus Splenda packages having 1 carb per package which can really add up. I like the fact that it takes up a lot less room in my pantry and lasts a long time. I would give it a 10!


Amazing Sweetener

Anita M.

 I was looking for an artifical sweetener with low carbs because I am on a low carb diet. I didnt want to sacrifice my carbs for the lil bits of sugar. I cant tell the difference between this and real sugar. I love this product. Thank you for offering this because it isnt sold in any store me :)


Amazing product.


 I have been a daily user of Splenda for many years. I could not drink coffee without it. I realized that the maltodetrin and other additives in Splenda packets give each pack 1 g of carbs, as well as necessitating the ingestion of more worthless food additives. I am on Medifast and would go nuts without this product, as my Splenda Pkts. would have been limited to 3 per day tops. Well, that is a cup and a half of coffee for me, and I drink A LOT of coffee. This was a perfect solution.It is accurate in stating 1 drop is equal to 1 pkt of Splenda or 1 tsp of sugar. The bottle allows for easy drop count - a gentle squeeze and you get perfect drops. It is small enough to carry a bottle in you attache to work for use on the go or at your desk (about the size of a bottle of eye drops. Yet, they last forever - I've not counted drops per bottle, but I wouldn't doubt that it is 450, which is a lot of sweetening.

This will be a regular purchase for me. Even after transistioning from Medifast, I will never go back to Splenda Packets. If you compare that a 3 bottle pack of these bottles is equal to 1350 packets, the cost is similar and well worth it. Don't hesitate to buy this - it's great!


Great stuff!

Scott Turner "EngineerBoy" (Texas, USA)

Concentrated, no-calorie sweetener with no filler. Just a few drops are needed, it will dissolve in cold (or hot) liquids, and the tiny bottles last a looong time. Now my wife and I can both have our home-made iced tea as sweet (or unsweet) as we like, quickly and conveniently.


I'm An EZ Sweet Convert

David Sacker (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

 This product is excellent. My wife and I both love it. It is incomparably easier than tearing open Splenda packages, and without the bulk calories to boot. 2-3 drops will sweeten a cup of coffee (if you like it sweet), and 4-5 drops a glass of tea. Try your own home-made smoothie from blended bananas, strawberries, fat-free milk and EZ Sweet. We can't say enough about this product. And to boot, delivery is timely, and the product is in perfect condition. Thank you for excellence.


Good Stuff


 Product seems great. Love the convenience and the no carbs. It does seem to require more drops to be as sweet as the packets though.



Works well

ChicagoCPA (Chicago) (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

 I find that 1 drop is equivalant to 1 Splenda packets. No bad aftertaste. No calorie laden fillers.

This my primary goto source for sweetener. It just breaks down into two proteins in your body and seems to be fairly stable before consumption so it seems to be the perfect sweetener from my point of view.

Printed on the side of this tiny, tiny bottle: equivalent sweetness to 5.9 lbs sugar


Great stuff!

ducrab "Steve" (Richmond, VA USA)

Use this product for my low-carb lifestyle. Tastes great and very easy to use... more convenient than using the yellow packets and truly zero carbs/calories (this product uses water as the bulking agent, those yellow packets use maltodextrin which contain 0.9 grams of carbs and 4 calories... that adds up fast!).

My wife carries a bottle in her purse for use at restaurants and on the road.

Also, there's no need to wait for this stuff to dissolve... four drops in a glass of iced tea, a quick stir, and instant sweetness!

We stopped buying the packets and use the drops exclusively.


Love EZ-Sweetz!

April Rollins (Duluth, MN)

This is my favorite liquid "Splenda" sweetener! The bottle gives consistant drops and doesn't add the extra carbs from maltodextrin. I have been using it as part of my diet for over 2 years now. Have never had any issues with losing sweetness when cooking or baking, except some bitterness with chocolate that I help with using some Stevia. I recommend this product 100%!


No carbs, no calories, sweet!

Pamela A. Staul

Much more economical than buying packets. These fit into your purse for on the go sweetening anywhere. No aftertaste and when you are counting carbs, every partial carb counts.

I wasn't sure about 'how sweet' this was before I purchased but now I know that I use two drops in my huge coffee mug, versus three packets of the 'other stuff' I save three carbs per cup. I found these much easier to get the product out of than the large bottle.


This stuff is great!


 I use this stuff all the time - I would say it resembles Splenda, but tp me does not have the aftertaste Splenda does. I use it daily for all my sugar needs.


This stuff rocks!

 L. Stutts (Western USA)

Wow. A product that is EXACTLY what the label says. One drop of EZ-SWEETS really does sweeten as much as one packet of Splenda. It has no aftertaste at all. No carbs. No calories. I keep one in my purse and one in my kitchen. This is my second order. I am a big fan of EZ-SWEETS. Great for hot or cold drinks and recipes. I hate chemical tasting sweeteners but this product is great. No funky flavors. All good. Recommend.


Wonderful product

 NY Singer "Give Us Truth" (New York City)

 I love this product... It's exactly what it says... I keep it in my pocket and use it often. Splenda in a bottle, no carbs. :)


Perfect size for work or purse!

S. Kelly (Minneapolis, MN)

 I love EZSweetz. It's a fabulous sweetener that doesn't have a nasty chemical aftertaste. These little bottles are the perfect size to have one in my desk at work, one in my purse for when we go to restaurants, and a spare one just in case!


Great for carrying with you


Standard Splenda/sucralose taste but very concentrated. I carry with me for when restaurants don't provide Splenda.